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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Continuing Education: Using the Resin Composite Test Plate to Determine Curing Times and Intensities

When curing composite materials with the BEYOND™ Cordless LED Curing Light, we recommend using the Resin Composite Test Plate included with the device to determine the appropriate light-intensity setting and curing time needed to cure your composite. This test plate is simple to use and will save you from having to rework a composite that was cured incorrectly the first time.

To utilize the test plate, begin by determining the recommended curing time from the composite literature. Fill the appropriate composite thickness slot on the test plate (2mm, 3mm, or 4mm) and cure the test composite by moving the curing light in a slow circular movement over the “Cure Side” of the test plate. After curing for the recommended time, turn the test plate over to the “Test Side” and check that the composite has hardened fully. If the recommended curing time did not result in successful hardening of the composite, use the test plate to retest the composite curing time again.

For more detailed instructions on how to use your BEYOND™ Cordless LED Curing Light, you can email us at to request a digital or hard copy.

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