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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oral Healthcare Can't Wait

The latest buzz in the online dental community is revolving around a push for more campaigns to educate the public on the importance of regular and preventative oral healthcare. A new campaign being launched by the Dental Trade Alliance (DTA), titled Oral Healthcare Can't Wait, promises to be an aggressive and effective marketing tactic to educate the American public on the importance of oral healthcare and it's impact on other health concerns such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and serious gum disease.

One of the most important steps in an in-office whitening treatment is the pre-treatment check-up and consultation. This gives the dentist the opportunity to examine the patient and determine any obvious oral health issues ahead of the treatment time. Before beginning any cosmetic dental treatment, it is important to ensure the patient is in good oral health. Educating the patient on the importance of regular check-ups, brushing, and flossing can also be emphasized during this time. The explanation that good oral health will maintain the whitening results for a longer time is an excellent argument for any patient who is concerned about the appearance of his or her smile.



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