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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ask Dr. Jenny

Q:  Is the syringe supposed to be used entirely for one patient?

A: Each syringe contains enough gel for four, 10 minute applications. The extra gel is for a fourth, 10 minute cycle for those patients with severe stains from tetracycline and fluoride. If you have a patient with severe stains, you will want to split the treatment up over two days and perform two, 10 minute applications on the first day and an additional two, 10 minute applications the next day. Depending on the severity of his or her stains, you may also want to pre-treat their teeth with our BEYOND™ Boost manual mix, extra-strength whitening paste.* To store the extra gel in between treatments, you'll want to remove the mixing tip and replace the original cap that came on the syringe and store it in the fridge until you're ready to use it. You can't use the mixing tips again because the old, inactive gel left in the mixing tip will cause the active gel in the syringe to break down as it comes into contact with the old gel in the tip. Extra mixing tips can be ordered directly from BEYOND™ or from your BEYOND™ products distributor.
*For more information on designing a specialized treatment schedule for those patients with severe stains, please contact us and we will follow up with more specific information.

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