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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ask Dr. Jenny - Can I control the whitening results?

Q: Is it possible to control the color of the results such that we can match a patient’s teeth to their existing bridge?  I have a patient who has C2 teeth and a B2 colored bridge. Can I match their teeth to the bridge?    From:  India

A: It is impossible to control the color of the patient's teeth as they are whitening to that accuracy. My recommendation is to do two 8 minute sessions on the first day. Then have the client come back the next day (no more than 24 hours later) to assess the color change. If their teeth still need to be whitened additionally in order to make the color match, do another 8 minute session. In this way, you will be able to have some control over the whitening results and be able to match the surrounding enamel with the bridge as accurately as possible. It is important that you discuss your patients' options with them beforehand. If they want to whiten their teeth past the color of the bridge, they will need to consider replacing the bridge to match their new teeth color. If they decide that they want to replace the bridge, you should first do the bleaching and then have the patient come back one week later to assess the color of their teeth. This will make for the most accurate shade assessment because it will give the teeth time to settle into their new shade.

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