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Friday, August 20, 2010

Ask Dr. Jenny - REBOUND

Q: I have one patient who claimed that ten days after the whitening procedure her teeth discolored and rebounded to the old color. What could have happened? According to her, she did everything that was recommended for the post-treatment procedure. Her initial color was A3 and after the treatment was A1 (on the VITA scale)  - From: Bosnia and Herzegovina

A: For your patient who saw her teeth rebound in color after a few weeks, this is a result of the types of stains in her teeth and the structure of her tooth enamel. You mentioned that she started out as A3 - this means that she has thinner tooth enamel and is therefore a harder whitening case. During the initial treatment, the whitening gel only whitened the surface enamel of her teeth and the deeper, harder-to-remove stains found inside the tooth were not whitened. Therefore once the color settled, the darker stains still inside of her teeth became visible again through her thinner enamel. For patients where this occurs, you will need to do a follow-up treatment on them. This will ensure the best results. I would recommend that you also start with an 8-minute application of the Blast formula. You will need to warn them that they may have increased sensitivity during this treatment, because you are following up the first treatment so quickly. However this sensitivity is transient and will pass in about 24 hours. You can have her come back for a follow-up session of one to two, eight minute treatments in about one week after her initial treatment.



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