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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to Store Your Whitening Gel

We cannot stress enough the importance of storing our BEYOND™ whitening gel correctly. All of our 35% hydrogen peroxide whitening gels must be stored in the refrigerator upon receipt and until they are used with a patient. This is especially important for dealers and distributors in warmer climates, but it also applies to everyone. The gel syringes must be stored at a continuous temperature of around 5°C. For the BEYOND™ II Single-Patient and Five-Patient Kits, the syringes of 35% hydrogen peroxide are packaged outside of the kit for easy storage in the refrigerator. The new Max5 and Max10 kits have the gel syringes packaged inside of the kit, so you can just put the whole kit in the fridge.

If the gel syringes are not stored properly, the hydrogen peroxide in the gel will begin to break down and render the gel ineffective. This will directly affect whitening results.
How can you tell if your whitening gel syringes have already gone bad and the hydrogen peroxide has begun breaking down?

The whitening gel syringes are all sealed in individual vacuum-sealed foil wrappers. If the foil wrapper is no longer tightly vacuum-sealed, then the gel has already begun breaking down and will no longer be effective for the whitening treatment. Other signs that the gel has begun to break down include: Loss of viscosity (a runny, liquid consistency), the syringe is leaking, and/or the plunger in the back has begun to be pushed outwards.

Picture of good syringe:

Picture of damaged syringe:

If you receive damaged syringes, please contact your BEYOND™ products dealer to order replacements. Save the defective syringes and replacements will be sent to you promptly. Do not attempt to perform the whitening treatment with these gels as you may see reduced results, or no whitening results at all.  NOTE:  Gels are stable for shipping and long-term transport unrefrigerated for up to 30 days, but should be refrigerated upon receipt.

Questions about whitening in your practice or need to replace a damaged syringe?  Just let us know - our support team is happy to hear from you!



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