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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ask Dr. Jenny - Whitening after Chemotherapy

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Q: How long after radiation treatment (chemotherapy) can a person have their teeth whitened? -          From: Australia

A: There is no set time frame for how long after chemotherapy the patient should wait before undergoing the BEYOND® treatment because it depends on the individual and his or her current state of oral health.

I recommend that the dentist performing the whitening treatment perform a thorough oral check-up before beginning the treatment. This is because chemotherapy can have serious oral health side-effects and the dentist should check first to make sure that there is no evidence of gum damage, open sores, dry mouth, or other side-effects of the chemotherapy.

You can tell your patient that the BEYOND® procedure will not compromise the integrity of healthy tooth enamel. It does dehydrate the enamel to a small degree, but your saliva will naturally rehydrate the teeth within 24 hours. So there is no lasting impact on healthy tooth enamel from the whitening treatment. However if the patient is experiencing dry mouth or other side-effects from the chemotherapy, then he or she should wait until these symptoms are alleviated and he or she has spoken with his or her dentist about the appropriate treatment(s), if any, for his or her condition.

Another point that may come up: The patient does not need to worry about excess exposure to UV light from our whitening treatment. Unlike other teeth whitening systems on the market, we filter out all harmful UV light from our light source, so if he or she has undergone photo-chemotherapy or has a history of skin cancer and is more susceptible to UV light, then BEYOND® is the correct treatment for this client to consider.



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